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Aydin Mirzazadeh: “İlham Rahimov has made use of the situation,he tries to remember his persona to someone...”

26-04-2017, 09:19

His forecast about NAP member MP İlham Rahimov: “Of course he is pretentious to the political power...”

The exclusive interviewer of VOICEPRESS.AZ is the fifth convocation MP of National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the vice president of National Assembly defence ,security and the fight anti-corruption committee,PH.D under the political sciences,senior lecturer, head of the Department of Political Analysis and Forecasting of NAP Executive secretariat, Chairman of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial university of Public trust council Aydin Mirzazadeh:

-Many times we have seen the participation of President and Leyla Aliyeva in a tree-planting campaign.But Despite this president Ilham Aliyev and family members plant the trees and Executives Power cut the trees.

How true is it that you think the Culture and Recreation Park to be transferred under the authority of executive power in a situation like this in Azerbaijan?

You touch the serious issue. Baku and Absheron is the region where there is the need to protect trees and greenness.
It demands a great amount of labor to grow a tree.

And from the point of view of protecting greeness in Baku, it is always under the attention of the president. After tearing down a place named Ovcular house,around which was tension because of the cutting down of 30 or 40 trees and it was stopped with the intervention of president.There were given instruction about protecting the same trees.

This position of president was supported by society.I think that, this is serious message to all authorities.I don’t think that, today all authorized persons approach insentitive to the greenness.But unfortunately we see indifferent attitude of authorities to this.We should accept the protection of greenness as a fight to life.

There is not only the need to protect, but also the need to increase the greeness zone.There is a need to protect the parks and to plant new trees.There should be considered to make greenness area around the new constructed building.

After tearing down the block which called former Sovetski is expected to lay out park and it will play great role in the development of environment in addition to beautifying the city.Taking parks from the Culture Ministry and transferring to executive power is a little bit discussion.

Because parks are such places which demand for everyday care.Because cutting down the dry trees,planting new trees,cleaning etc,all these require complex work.I think that this must be in the responsibility of both executive power and Ecology and natural resources ministry and every ministry engage in the work what they were entrusted.

Before cutting down a tree should be researched seriously.It musn’t be decision cutting down or keeping of tree with the decision of a expert.There must be created commission and come to a decision. Protecting greenness means to take care of our life and future.

-This year has been declared as a year of Islamic Solidarity in our country. But in a such time, it is the matter of giving permission to demolish the mosque which rouse interest for foreign media. And this tendency is anounced as a contradiction between decision and performings made and what’s being done throughout the country.

Declaration of a year of Islamic Solidarity comes forward from Islamic character of Azerbaijan society.Today there are 2500 mosques in Azerbaijan.There were 17 mosques in Soviet period. In the independence period ,there have been built mosque more than 100.There were repaired the Haydar mosque,Taza pir mosque again by state.We see the provision of mosques with the natural gas. Respecting to Islam and other secular religions is in the gene of Azerbaijan statehood and it will be always like this.But we live in a real life ,sometimes it can cause to problem.Key issue is how giving reaction to problem.

The issue which related to Haji Javad mosque could cause problem this year or next year.Because the mosque is situated in the are which named old Sovetski.There will be lied out great parks and it caused misunderstanding because that place was intended for the place of entertainment.The decision about tearing down mosque was hasty decision. President gave instruction about to stop tearing down mosque and to conduct negotiations. I think that the best option will be found for the solution of the matter.

The worst thing is that,by using of this fact are organized attacks to Azerbaijan.And it is not first time.During the Eurovision and European games opposition forces organized mass rallies,they tried to charge that there are no human rights in Azerbaijan.They supported anti-Azerbaijan propaganda campaign.When happens such the worthy events they do like this things,any event is being exaggerated and they try to talk bad about this.It will never yield result. Azerbaijan will reveal the most positive experience in its worldliness,the establishment of democratic state,in the human law including in the matter of respect for the religious people.

- I would like to know your attitude for the president's thought in the interview with the Russian tv presenter Vladimir Slavyanov which he said that opposition got weak after I controlled the flow of finance that came from the abroad.

It actually shows the strength of Azerbaijan State.There are enough intervention interests in the world ,this or other country. In this intervention is being measured with the financial support. Small opposition groups which don't have any support in their country,can't show an activity,they publish great newspapers upon the money raised from abroad and organize mass rallies.

They try to shape negative thought about Azerbaijan. If all these have occurred with the inland financing there wouldn't be any problem. There turn out like this question here,why foreign forces are interested in funding in Azerbaijan?

The state has the right to demand to finance of political forces from the internal resources. The political organization is not being established according to the demand and offer of state, it is being established according to its and society's demand and offer. They prefer to choose the easiest way to be financed by foreign institution.It will not possible in Azerbaijan.There are opposition, freethinking men and political rivalry in Azerbaijan.But Azerbaijan will not stand the intervention of foreign forces to its home policy.

it is also clear that these are anti-Azerbaijan circles and Armenian diaspora that they don’t love Azerbaijan and wish to see Azerbaijan weak.It’s already proven issue for many times.I think that these forces must draw a conclusion for themselves.

-The president has said on the interview with the Slavyanov about the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva “he did it on purpose Firstly it is strengthening of status quo,secondly he has answered that i wanted to show them we are not like them and they won’t be able to achieve the goals.The words of president “I wanted to show them we are not like them and they won’t be able to achieve their goal” is considered as actually and what this decision changed?

-Mr president quite openly voiced.The appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva as a vice president was the high valuation which have given for her activity.And this meets today’s interest of Azerbaijan.At the same time presiden has appointed quite educated men from the different sector of society.And he entrusts them.The possession of Azerbaijan its natural resource and aim to be independent policy concern certain circles in abroad. They want to see Azerbaijan like Yemen,Libya and Syria in the best state like Asia and Africa.They try to change power with the different ways or to create conflicts. Today Azerbaijan follow the way of Haydar Aliyev and it brings great luck.

-Ilham Rahimov noted that the debates in Milli Majlis was not satisfactory which concerning non-record of All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress. Because before debates the delegation of All-Russian Azerbaijani congress should have gave a talk accurate information on this.You were on those debates ,if i am not mistaken you have commented...Are you agree with Ilham Rahimov?

Before being classmate of Russian president ,that person is Azerbaijan citizen.Actuaally i wouldn’t like to comment because he is not politician and my colleague. It's one of thousand thoughts which voices on social media in Azerbaijan.The liguidation of All-Russia Azerbaijani Congress is serrious issue.There must be formed very serious front against it. This is the issue which can cast shadow over the relationship of Azerbaijan and Russia.

Of course,It's the result of activity of forces which they don't love Azerbaijan.The number of Azerbaijanis is on the top of five.Azerbaijanis take an active part in Russian policy. Azerbaijan is contributing to strengthen of Russian economy .Liquidating such a organization is challenging the Azerbaijan.They must think it once more. If it liquidates ,Azerbaijan and Russia relationship can't remain as before.

This must be regarded as a crusade against Azerbaijan. Parliamentary commented on the issue very correctly .There can sound any topic in here.We have demonstrated our position there. I have no doubt ,if this issue had not occurred in the Parliament,another Ilham Rahimov would have appeared and accused the parliament of being silent.I mean in any case Iham Rahimov would have undoubtedly appeared.

-As we mentioned a little while ago the classmate of Putin Ilham Rahimov's thought which goes on press could cause us to think.We would like to know your thought about this. Diaspora commitee, PA department of international relations, all governmental team that consist of the national assembly, including Azerbaijan's ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu aren't able to run a business effectively and coordinated to make the relations between Azerbaijan-Russia in high level.If they need to the Ilham Rahimov’s help which he doesn’t hold any official position,why the high state post is not being entrusted to professor? And how do you think which is the high post that Ilham Rahimov want see himself in that post?(Prime Minister post which the whole country expect or the intention of replacement of Polad Bulbuloglu?)

I think that, the respecful Ilham Rahimov has made use of situation,he tries to rember his persona to someone.The works which have been done in this regard by government and society are quite large.So question arise for the Rahimov: “If you have directly access to the president ,why are you hiding?Why you don’t notify your position and ignore the situation”?

Of course Ilham Rahimov pretentious to the political power,he is pretentious to certain post or he tries to show himself as a second parallel power.
I think that, it doesn’t matter what Rahimovs say, the demonstration of position of Azerbaijan society is main.
-The position is obvious.Today in Azerabaijan the field of sport develops with velocity of light.For some reason we can’t see this grow of rate in the field of education. Do you think they don't need our material and moral support who won the first place in science like our sportsmen for holding world science festival and international science compitetion?

-The fact is to success in the short term in the field of sport is very easy . A man can raise flag by creating condition for the sportsman. There are a need decades, centuries to achieve leading positions in science.First, in this direction the work is underway.Today the quality of education is high in Azerbaijan. At the present all subjects are taught at the high level at the university. I am the senior lecturer of the academy of public administration under the president.I am the witness of that qualitative changes. But there is still much work to be done.

There must be carried out structure changes and given finacial support to the university .New generation at 30-35 age are being trained which they know English fluently and new methodology.I think that they will make good progress.

The key issue is that we are not satisfied with our health care.

I think that a young journalist will talk to the deputy about the that time’s education development in 20-30 years.

By Ulkar Mirzayeva


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