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Exclusive interview with our professor who was thanked from Haydar Aliyev

10-04-2017, 20:12

Fagan Aliyev: "Haydar Aliyev has increased the number of Azerbaijanis in Baku"

The interviewer of VOICEPRESS.AZ is professor Fagan Aliyev who is the member of Russia State Archetecture and Construction academy, the president of Ecoenergy Academy and Technician sciences doctor.

-Mr Fagan, do you remeber your first meeting with Haydar Aliyev?

-Of course, i remember that up to now.In 1969 Haydar Aliyev,when he had been elected first secretary of central committee of communist party of Azerbaijan his first visit was Agjabadi region.That time i was head of student constructer team in Agjabadi, which consisted of 300 people.That time Haydar Aliyev got detailed information about our process and he has given some tasks.He has given some advice about taking care of students and improving them condition.I also took part when he made statement in region.Even that year our student constructer team was deserved first place in republic.Then we could come first place in the cotton-harvesting with the student staff which consisted of 800 people.At that time i had finished my phd and i was teaching as a canditate of sciences.

I had been elected the first sceretary of the october district named in the past now Yasamal district.

They elected me ideological secretary the the central committee of comsomol in two years.At that time we took part at all the ceromonies of comsomol party for the first time.

-As far as we know you didn´t miss any statement of Haydar Aliyev. Even listening to Haydar Aliyev´s statements was a schooling for you ,you said this in a one of your interviews....

-Yes it is true. İ witnessed the statements of Haydar Aliyev.I was appointed to the secretary post of central committee of comsomol and it was related to Haydar Aliyev.At that time it was given very little place to the national staff which know Azerbaijani language and left Azerbaijan region.Imagine that in that period the number of Azerbaijanis was totallinghas 46%.Haydar Aliyev has increased the number of Azerbaijanis.He had created condition for the national staff and started nationalizing the Baku.

At that time the children whose father were azerbaijani, they consider meanness to speak in Azerbaijani language

-Yes, there was that tendency...

-Of course there was that tendency .According to their thought who consider themselves cultural they must speak in russian.But we had writers such as Uzeyir Hajibeyov.A.Bedirbeyli,Shamsi Bedirbeyli,Mehdi Mehdizadeh,professor Mehdi Mamedov,Cafar Cabarli, Samed Vurgun,Rasul Rza,Ilyas Afandiyev,Suleyman Rahimov,Vakil Nabiyev,Ismail,Shixli,Abbas Zamanov,Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh,Gulu Mamedov and sciences who spoke purely in Azerbaijani language.I could note the name of our our creative but the topic is different.

-How were you entrusted with the responsiblity of a building sport venue?

-That time USSR olimpic games must have held.In Azerbaijan new buildings should have built which related to olympic.Cycle track, in Mingachevir rowers complex, Light Athletic Arena must have built in Baku.In addition that time sport venue must have built sport venue which had no analogue in Baku even in the Caucasus.The building of that Sport Venue were me entrusted .But being excutor of that work was both honorable and responsible.I have thought over and again about i would overcome of this work or not.Thank God i have overcome of the responsible work.Thank God I could overcome of this reponsible work.That Sport Venue is the Sport Concert Complex which is by the name of Haydar Aliyev.This building was built under his leadership.That time When Haydar Aliyev was the first deputy chairman of USSR council of Ministers thanks to him i could get strong support.When the period of Brejnev was over and Mikhail Karbachov came to power experienced staff like Haydar Aliyev were removed from the policy.

That time there was Yegor Kuzmich Legachov.He was the member of the policy bureau,in a one word he was second person at the party and this man started making hostile.They considered that there was a need to exert pressure on Hayadar Aliyev in accordance to some buildings being built.For example now guest house, Sport Complex and so on.

-That time there was pressures on you.

-Yes they started to pressure on me.They wanted me to say Haydar aliyev forced me to built this buildings.They forced me to do this.Of course i didn’t do as they said,i didn’t write a letter to Moscow.Perhaps i was the only Azerbaijan which i have received reprimand from the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR.They said like this buildings don’t suit the Azerbaijan.Even the members of Cabinet of the Ministers said this to me during discussian. “Will you play on the ice with the veil?As an answer I said that our women don’t wear veil for long time and there is the statue of free woman in our country!We want to see the Mohammad and Fatma,Ali and Gulaya while playing ballet on the ice in the worldwide.We built this with that desire.Mr Fagan today the head of office said that we are sitting on the atomic bomb.

-What the atomic bomb?

-Because the works were being done against Haydar Aliyev Aliyev and propagandized.They wanted to discredit him between people .But it didn´t work.
Because what were built under leadership of him were for people.he has built for people.They considered like these buildings atomic bomb.In the city of Baku according to that period from the industry two percent of income was allocated to social facilities .It was spent in construction like these facilities.When I visited to Haydar Aliyev he reminded me that he was aware of everything.I was thanked by Haydar Aliyev.

-The thank of Haydar Aliyev was far superior beyond comparison with the reprimand which was given you from the cabinet of Ministers….

-Of course.Haydar Aliyev entrusted me the post of ideological secretary of the central committee of comsomol and to lead in the construction of a Sport Complex.I had to demonstrate its value in this position.

-You have an interesting work activity.Even though you received reprimand from the cabinet of ministers ,Haydar Aliyev helped you to be assigned for the position.But during the period of Ayaz Mutalimov seemed for you resignation.

-(He smiles)Yes it is true…I was assigned for the position thanks to Haydar Aliyev.I resigned my post during the period of Ayaz Mutalimov.I was in bad stuation during the period of Vazirov.That time they wanted to arrest me.

-For what?

-That time national front has started to work.There was a revival in country.There was need to name this Sport Complex.We wanted to name it which related Koroglu work.

That time some my friends tried to prove the state I have connection with the popular front.I don’t conceal.Actually once upon a time I had special sympathy for Popular Front.At that time in the system of party went a corrosion.Clean dignitaries have decreased.There wasn’t such kind of moods which could lead to civil war.I saw those processes which occurred in the world.Even I have created political party. “Republicans party ”.I have brought educated men and sciences together.

- Which years approximately have happened?

-In 1990.In 1989-1991 Republicans Party was the first party which was registrated.That time we supported the Haydar Aliyev.That time I have gone to meet Haydar Aliyev in Nakhchivan.I offered him to lead the party.As a party I have never let Haydar Aliyev to criticize.But then New Azerbaijan party were reated. But I admit that I haven’t been the member of New Azerbaijan Party.Because there is such kind of law ,if you are a member of party it is not right to be a member of other party. It was considered as a political faithlessness.Even I didn’t refuse to close the party.We properly performed what were need.You see that in abroad, the parties work from the election to election.In non civilized country any party don’t lead the state.According to their reports it is possible to observe their activities from election to election.

There is such kind of unwritten law.I hope that each of our compatriots bear responsibility before things what Haydar Aliyev has done.

-It is true.If there is need to admit I am always grateful to Haydar Aliyev.Because I have worked during Haydar Aliyev period.He helped me,he trusted me.But he work in a difficult and he overcame properly of this difficult period.Every man couldn’t live the political life which he lived.See how many chief secretary changed…Working in a like this condition was difficult.Now this can seem you like an ordinary action.But this tendency is a unprecedented heroism in the history.I consider that according to his such kind of courage and prowess our people properly awarded our immortal leader.They elected him.It is rather gratifying his son can continue his way properly.
I consider that people could prove their fidelity the Haydar Aliyev and his continuer.

-I consider that many times people could prove their fidelity to the Haydar Aliyev and his successor…

-Of course people must have responded faithfully before such kind of fidelity.Baku changed to better side.At that time Brejnev called Baku magnificent city.Today this Baku is different beyond comparison to that Baku.Today Baku has developed and become so beautiful.I am constructor.Let’s openly admit even if we have money ,we can’t afford for someone to repair our three-room apartment.Do you know what it means to build the big city?Even though we live in very difficult geopolitical place ,he managed to do it.Not only Baku but our regions alse were developed.

The road were built.It is not small work.Our neighbours Russia,Armenia,Georgia and Iran.Living in a such kind of place ,creat stability and attaining the development is not an easy thing. It is history.There is need to value this history

-What else would you like to do as a profesional constructor in Baku?

Actually cognitive development of some our experts,businessmen have left behind.It disturb me when I see there are not trolleybus and tramway in baku.There are trolleybus and tramway in the developed big city.People must use more of the bicycles.Buildings must be energy effectively.One building must not block up other building.There is the concept of an amphiheater in Baku.There is need to protect it.there is need to protect the landscape of building

We had architect such as academic Mikail Huseynov.Unfortunately our architecs depend on our businessmen.Formerly Such as Absheron ,Inturist hotels has been torn down and some building will be torn down.Those will not get left out and can get left out

-Today you are our enough experienced professor.Even you are world-famed Azerbaijani educated man.Today it is interesting to know your thoughts about the issues which disturb you...

Today I want to see the Azerbaijan society more educated.I want to give anything to my motherland.Time goes by so quickly .And when I will do this.Today I have potential to train post-graduate student and scientific worker in the fied of renewable energy and ecology.I disagree that , I couldn’t realize this.

-What do you need to realize this?

-All Europe talk about Green city project. You see I can’t carry out. Who respect me?With whom I work? If honorable authorities draw us we are always ready to help. Chair, office and post are not important for me. The result is important for me.Today there is need to construct green building, energy efficient, earthquake-resistant building. I have been coordinator of Japanise construction group for six years.We have done specific reasearches in the field of landslide, earthquake risk in Absheron peninsula and Baku. I couldn´t bring like this important project to the leadership’s notice. I want to do something with all my hope and strength for my Azerbaijan with which Haydar Aliyev entrusted us. But they don´t create condition.Most time I am in hopeless situation and take umbrage at myself.I say to myself: "I am weak".

-Why?As far as we know recently we studied your project about the restoration of our lands which were occupied.It is known that you namely prepared the project for the 25 th anniversary of Khojaly genocide ,including as a support Justice for Khojaly compaign of Leyla Aliyeva.You know this is an important factor.

-Today thank to Leyla Aliyeva’s execution Justice for Khojaly compaign ,whole the world almost become closely acquainted with this event.Many countries have recognized the Khojaly as a genocide.It is rather large scale work.Therefore as a architect we want to support the Leyla Aliyeva.Some wants to support with weapon ,some wants to support with pen.With this way we want to bring this to the whole word’s attention that Karabakh belongs to us and that we are going to liberate our lands which were occupied as soon as possible.Put in investment!Work!Because there are very strong national resources in Karabakh.There are 246 thousands hectares of forests in Karabakh which consist of different valuable plants and fruits.Karabakh have gold ,silver,lime and precious stone and more.Karabakh has great potential.

-Actually our interview is about to end.The interview was very interesting.Therefore I thank you.I wanted to ask last some questions.you are honorable member of state agency.There is presidential decree for developing green energy of SAARE (State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energ).But there haven’t been carried out enough mobilization for developing this.Do you think can an ordinary press service provide educational works?

-It is true.Today there are not enough carried out educational work. An ordinary press service can’t do educational works which are being carried out.There is a need to creat a department of international relations and public relations.It is important issue.The one of greatest stronghold of development is educational activities.There is need to create other department for this and people.Too increased effort should be made to save electricity.The use of it properly must be promoted. Press service operates in all ministries.Sometimes people think that press secretaryship and departa ment of public relations are same thing.The main purpose of press secretaryship is to inform people of what is going on in the ministry.For Example, the statue of Mushviq was taken from it’s place. It causes resonance in the society.On the other hand press services inform that it was taken from that place for being renewed. It is his work. But educational work is another thing.Norway produces 150 thousand ton of oil.It sell this but according to the use of energy it comes, in at first place.

-We have almost no ministerial press secretary or public realtion department that hass access to foreign media. But we have enough staff.According to you why it is not invested?

-Yes you tell truth, agency must be interested in this.This must be in television too.There is cultural channel.That’s is gratifying.But there must be scientific chanell too.See there is such a press secretary at the state agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy sources.But I would say it is only press secretariat promoting education at the same time praise educational wor.

Ulkar Mirzayeva


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