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In fact International Mother Tongue Day has been decided to held in UNESCO conference.And since 2000 it has been held every year on february 21.
The aim of holding the holiday was popularizing the multilingualism and language culture.Note that,General Assembly of UN proclaim 2008 as international Year of Languages.

It was celebrated as the International Year of Rapproachment of Culture.The history of the International Mother Tongue Day conveys historical meaning.
So that,student has died from a police bullet in the capital of Dakka (Bangladesh)on february 21 1952.

By demonstrating their language in the street he wanted their language being recognized as a state language.That date upon initiative of UNESCO started to be celebrated as International Mother Tongue Day.

Today many foreign countries ,along with International Mother Tongue day celebrate the language establishment day as a holiday or as a special day.

For example Estonia celebrates their native Language or Mother tongue holiday on March 14 1996.This date has been dedicated to the birthday of Estonian writer and poet Cristian Yak Peterson.Because namely that writer established Estonian literary-language.Estonians notice that ,language is being considered national and cultural motto of nation.

“French language” Recently French people at initiative of UN founded this holiday on March 10 2010.The date of French Language day coincides with the date of the International Francphonie day.Francphonie is the an organization which are members of French speaking countries.The organization has no less than 56 countries.There is no need to know French language for being member of that organization.Among the members with france is considered cultural devotion to be sufficient.For example Ukrain and Baltic countries can be showed among the member countries in Francphonie. Francphonie was established on March 20,1970 in Niger and has been functioned more than 40 years.

“Finnish language ” Finland people hold this day on april 9.They call this day “Mikelia Agricopa day too. That day is not considered as a day off in Finland.
But that day national flag is being raised .Finish people celebrate Finish Language Day with respect regarding the birthday of great statesman Mikelia Agricopa.
Because namely finish letter has been established by Agricopa in 1543

“Russian language” holiday was established in 2010.There is a need to notice that,Russian language is one of official languages of UN.Therefore UN considered appropriate to establish the language holiday which consist of six official languages. Russian language holiday is being held which established upon initiative of UNESCO on February 21.

Namely A.S.Pushkin’s birthday is on February 21.Puskin is being considered as a establisher of Modern Russian Literary –Language

“Chinese language” holiday has also established as other official languages of UN in 2010. Chinese language holiday has been celebrated with the aim of commemorating memory of Tsan Tsen.While working with great Chinese imperor established the letter which consisted of pintogram.Then those pintograms were being used for heroglifs.

First time they started to celebrate “English” language holiday of the same time with other official languages of UN.
The United nation Punlic Affair Section allowed to celebrate this holiday at the same year on a special day for each country.The aim of celebrating language day is popularizing multilingualism tradition in the world.

“English language” holiday is being celebrated on the date of birthday of English writer,poet most famous dramatis of the world William Shakespear.
Today English language is being considered as a international language .Billions of people speak English in the more than ten countries.

English language is not only considered the language of English population but also is considered of US,Canada,Malta ,Australia ,New-Zealand population language.
English language is state language of several states of Africa and Asia.

“Azerbaijani language” holiday is celebrated prior to the other language holiday on the 1st of August every year,upon the initiative of the Nation Leader
Haydar Aliyev,with the accordance of his decree which he ordered.

On January 20 Kazakh language,on September 23,Kyrgyz language,on December 18 Arabian language ,on October 12 Spanish language,on November 9 Ukranian language ,on September 26 Europian language holidays are being celebrated. In total 22 languages holidays are being celebrated.

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