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Azerbaijan’s all conditions should be fulfilled for extension of Contract of Century - president

1-05-2017, 14:06

The “Contract of the Century” brings benefit to Azerbaijan today and as you know, SOCAR and partners are negotiating to extend the contract and I appreciate it. Of course, all our conditions should be fulfilled for extension of the contract, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the opening of the campus of SOCAR's Baku Higher Oil School

“Shahdeniz 2 is one of the big gas projects in the world. Shahdeniz gas has been being exported to world and regional markets for several years. Today, we have already approached to implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC). This project will connect Azerbaijan with main foreign, European markets. Azerbaijan will meet its economic interests from implementation of the SGC for further decades”, he stressed.

Head of the state noted that the oil sector plays very important role in the life of our country: “The projects being implemented with our intiative have already turned into international projects. The Contract of the Century has been being implemented for over 20 years. We gained these achievements thanks to the Contract of the Century. Today, the contract of the 21th century – Southern Gas Corridor project is being implemented successfully. Azerbaijan plays a role of leadership in implementation of this project. This role has already been reflected in the resolution of SGC Advisory Council held in Baku. Allk participants in this project, at the same time, EU, US and UK representatives once more show and prove Azerbaijan’s role of leadership. This is a great honour and responsibility. Azerbaijan also plays an important role in terms of regional and global cooperation in solution of energy issues. The SGC is the biggest infrastructural project and $40 billion is planned to be invested in it.

All works are being carried out under the schedule. I’m sure that we’ll achieve implementation of two main parts of this project – TANAP and Shahdeniz 2 next year. I hope all segments of the project will be realized timely”.
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