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25 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan Khankendi

28-12-2016, 10:31

December 28 is the occupation day of Khankendi which is the center of Upper Karabakh and subordinate city to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The Khankendi was occupied by Armenian armed forces on december 28 1991 and was established the separatist regime.

Namely on the same date last Azerbaijani families were expelled from the Khankendi and from 1983 ethnic cleansing accomplished against our compatriots in the city.

We lost the Khankendi on december 28 1991 ,that time we didn’t know that the Khojaly Genocide ,occupation of Shusha,Lachin,Kalbajar,Aghdam,Jabrayil,Fizuli,
Gubadli,Zangilan would expect us.

Khankendi is located on the Gargar River, at the eastern foot of the Caucasus range, in 385 kilometers’ distance from Baku. There are light and food industry enterprices in the town.

Electrotechnology,car repair and asphalt concret plants,furniture factory,building materials,industry,manufacturing and training centres are among such enterprises.

According to the archive records, the city was founded at the ends of the XVIII century as a resting place of the Karabakh khans. The name of the town was taken from here.

Afterwards the ethnic cleansing policy was carried out by Russia Tsarist and Armenians were deported from Iran. In the result of ethnic cleansing policy was strengthening against Azerbaijanis in the Soviet era in Khankendi and the number of Armenians in the city artificially increased.

After formation of Soviet Rule, Azerbaijan Central Executive Committee signed a decree on establishment of Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Republic, on July 7, 1923.

In 18.09.1923 in accordance with the decision of the Karabakh Region Party Committee the name of the city was changed and renamed Stepanakert. Then, the policy of Armenianization of the province was activated. The Armenians were promoted to leadership positions in the Autonomous Province.So that the Khankendi was occupied by the Armenians.

In the former USSR era Azerbaijanis who lived in Khankendi gradually were expelled from here.When the events of 1988 began,Armenian population were considirably large than Azerbaijanis in Khankendi.At that time the number of Azerbaijanis was about 17,000,while Armenians had risen to 40,000.

In 1988-89,Khankendi became a center of Armenian separatism.The latter Azerbaijanis were expelled from Khankendi by Armenaian separatism who were strengthening with the protection of Moscow on december 28 1991. And the occupation of the city was completed.

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Ulkar Mirzayeva


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