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Afghanistan officially sought help from Pakistan

4-10-2018, 06:53

Peace efforts in the war-torn country, Afghanistan officially sought help from Pakistan prominent cleric Maulana Sami ul Haque.

An Afghan delegation met with prominent Pakistani Cleric Maulana Sami ul Haque and requested him to help for peace talks with the Taliban.
The seven-member Afghan delegation was led by Attaullah Ludin, deputy head of the Afghan High Peace Council (HPC).

Reliable sources told voicepress. az that Afghan government officials based in capital Islamabad were also present during the meeting.

Sources also revealed to voice.press.az that Afghan delegation requested Sami ul Haque to play his effective role for peace in Afghanistan.
The delegation met with Maulana Sami ul Haque on the directions of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, sources further told.

The delegation, called on Sami ul Haque at Madrassa Haqqania .

Madrassa Haqqania is an Islamic religious institute located in Akora Khattak, a small city in Khyber Pakhtoon province.
Maulana Sami Ul Haque is the custodian of Haqqania Madrassa.

Maulana Sami ul Haque is known as the father of the Taliban, had close ties with late Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Umar and another late Taliban commander Jalal ud Din Haqqani.

It is on the record that hundreds of thousands Taliban and their leaders had studied in the above mentioned Haqqani madrasa, which is located about 150 km south west of the capital Islamabad.

Late, Commander Jalal ud Din Haqqani was graduate of Sami ul Haque s madrassa. He was the founder of the Haqqani network, a Taliban associated group which is supposed to be involved in deadliest attacks on US-led Nato forces and Afghan security forces.
Commander Jala ud din Haqqani has died in July 2018 after years of illness.

The spoke person of Maulana Sami Ul Haque told voicepress. az that the delegation requested Sami ul Haque to play his vital role for peace in Afghanistan.

Spoke person also told that Afghan president Ghani had called Sami ul Haque several times before, to play his role in Afghan peace efforts.

A statement from the Madrassa Haqqania said that the Afghan scholars assured Sami ul Haque that they would accept his decision.
“As the Taliban consider you as a teacher, we want your mediation between the Taliban and the Afghan government,” members of the delegation requested Sami ul Haque.

Sami ul Haque proposed a meeting of the Islamic scholars and the Taliban at a secret location without the involvement of the Afghan government, Pakistan and the US.
I think the Afghan rulers, former mujahideen commanders, and the Taliban must agree on one point that is the withdrawal of the US and NATO forces and to liberate Afghanistan,Sami ul Haq told the Afghan scholars, according to the statement.

Maulana Sami ul Haque clearly told the delegation that peace in Afghanistan is not possible until the complete withdrawal of foreign troops, spoke person added.

The Afghan scholars also met with Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq.

Jamat e-Islami wants all Afghan groups to come to the negotiation table for regional peace,” Siraj told the Afghan delegates, according to a statement.

Earlier, Pakistani and Afghan clerics met in Islamabad and discussed the clerics’ role in ending violence in war-torn Afghanistan.
The delegation returned home from Islamabad on Monday.

The Afghan government said it hopes that the meeting will help in ending violence and conflicts in the country.

This exclusive meeting held less than a month before Afghan nationals are due to go to the polls on 20th October, to elect a new Afghan government.

Islamabad Exclusive /Arshad Mehmood

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